Multi Purpose Sports Floor By Plexipave

Interior Design Wallpaper

Plexipave collaborates with owners, governing bodies and event organizers to balance visibility, aesthetics and surface temperature when choosing court surface colors and backgrounds.

While there are typically no right or wrong colors to use on a court surface, certain colors clearly perform better than others in the game. Ideally, a player wants to have optimal visibility for his or her game. In court sports this is achieved by having the best possible contrast between the ball and surface.

Plexipave Systems are formulated to meet the requirements of players at any level. From Grand Slam events like the Australian Open to recreational competitions, players can rely on the consistency of Plexipave. Plexipave offers a variety of textures to meet the different pace rating of the International Tennis Fedration (ITF).

The Authorized Applicators of the Plexipave System provide a world-wide network of well trained and independent installers. These installers work closely with the technical staff at Plexipave to ensure adherence to the specifications of the desired Court Pace Rating (CPR).

Eva Rubberize Sports Matts

Eva produces specialized mat products made from high-density closed cell cross-linked foam. This material is durable, washable, hygienic and easily cleaned. It does not absorb moisture and is also available in a wide variety of colors, thicknesses and qualities.

Interior Design Wallpaper

EVA foam mats produced for two primary purposes. The first is for use as protective cushioning in many sports, and the second is for hygienic floor mats which interlock to make a safe, stimulating play area for children

Bright Mats are ideal for children play area in home and school, they are washable and hygienic, provide excellent insulation against cold. These mats are bright and attractive and easily movable. They are long-lasting and provide a defined play area.

Interlocking EVA foam mats are an ideal platform for many sports, including martial arts, aerobics and Pilates.

Thick cushion interlocking mats are ideal for judo, grappling and ground work. They provide an excellent cushion against falls. Each Cushion floor mat has its own borders and corners.

Eva cushion mat is UV resistant and suitable for outdoor use. They can take full sun. Place them at the end of the slide and below swings and climbing structures to improve safety.