Wall Paper

Wallpaper can be traced to the 17th century Chinese who papered their walls with nature-inspired designs. At the same time, it gained popularity in Europe as in inexpensive alternative to the wall tapestries used in wealthier homes. As the centuries passed, wallpaper evolved to include the myriad patterns and materials available today. Whether you choose to cover your walls or highlight furnishings and room accents. You are sure to find wallpaper that works for you.

No need to break out the paint brushes or purchase expensive accessories this time around, we are opting for wallpaper to gracefully dress up our walls. All you need is the right tools and know-how for a muss- and fuss-free application, as well as the right design for you.

Design & Dkor brings a vast range of imported wallpapers.

  • Basic (b ASA)
  • Firenzee (Nappa)
  • Firenzee (Prague)
  • Rococo
  • Cyber 7
  • Seoul (b ASA)
  • Marcel
  • Creative Wall Covering
  • G-Stone Art (170 sqt)
  • Flower Words
  • Baroque
Interior Design Wallpaper